Our More than Maps team at the University of Ghana is currently working on the development of three workshops with a focus on climate change:

Workshop 1: Climate Change impacts on the coastal zone

  •  Define coastal zone
  •  Understand climate change and its impacts (sea level rise, flooding, coastal erosion, saltwater intrusion, sargassum influx)
  • Understand the role of different scientific disciplines in coastal problem solving

Workshop 2: Importance of mapping in adapting to climate change

  • To have a basic understanding of seaweed algal blooms as a case study for climate change adaptation and hazard mitigation
  • To use JavaScript in a free open-access platform to identify seaweed blooms in satellite imagery
  • To compare how seaweed algal blooms change over time and in different locations

Workshop 3: The role of community science in improving adaptation to climate change

  • Define climate change and climate change adaptation 
  • Define community science
  • Explain why community science is important for climate change adaptation 
  • Case Study: Use community science as an approach to ensure adaptation to climate change problem (possible field visit)