Our More than Maps Team offers in-person and online workshops for students and young professionals, developed by researchers at the University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, University of Ghana, University of the West Indies and the University of Southampton. 

All our workshops are free of charge. To learn more about our individual workshops, take a look at the workshop curriculum or get in contact with us. 


Our More than Maps workshops are highly interactive and designed to engage students with current environmental issues and state-of-the-art research methods. 

The advanced nature of the workshops means they are best suited for senior students. Students specialising in Geography for their university entrance qualifications will find the workshops especially interesting, providing possible ideas for research projects, and case studies of hazard management and climate change adaptation.

Our team has also successfully worked with younger secondary school students. Please get in contact to discuss this opportunity further.

Our More than Maps workshops can be attended in-person at one of our partner institutions or online. For our online workshops, please ensure your students have access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. We will provide online booklets available before, during and after the workshop.


Each of our More than Maps workshops introduces a new area of research or methodological approach, and is therefore appropriate for young professionals working in a relevant environmental or climate sector wishing to expand their skillset. For example, a policy specialist with an interest in how hazard maps are produced, or a GIS specialist with an interest in how to identify stakeholders in a specific context.

Please take a look at our curriculum or get in contact to learn more about our workshop opportunities for professionals. 

For more information on our latest workshops, please follow us on Twitter.