More than Maps: How can studying people help solve environmental problems?

Learn more about the role of social sciences in solving environmental problems and get an introduction into stakeholder analysis. 

How to get the best workshop experience:

Watch our online video and work through the material at your own pace using our interactive online workshop booklet: 

All interactive tasks with links can also be found in the column on the right for your reference.

List of interactive tasks:

02:11 min – Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with our workshop booklet (WB):

02:30 min – Please take 1min to complete our pre-workshop survey:

06:54 min: Activity – Which perspective on Sargassum resonates most with you? 

11:08 min: Activity – Can you think of any social science methods that you could use to collect quantitative/qualitative data? 

14:54 min: Activity – What is your aim for your stakeholder analysis? (workshop booklet)

23:57 min: Activity – Identify stakeholders that are part of the Sargassum case study (workshop booklet).

26:29 min: Activity – Which categories do the stakeholders belong to? 

29:20 min: Activity – Where do the stakeholders fit on the matrix? 

32:00 min: How does Policy 1 influence the stakeholder matrix? 

32:45 min: Take a 5 min break!

33:29 min: Activity – Watch the YouTube video:

And note down stakeholders and their interests/influence (workshop booklet).

34:49 min: Activity – Where do the stakeholder from the video fit onto the matrix? (workshop booklet)

38:05 min: Activity – Where do the stakeholders fit onto the matrix under Policy 2 & Policy 3? 

40:14 min: Activity – In what other environmental projects/issues could you use a stakeholder analysis? 

40:56 min: Activity – What is your personal take home message? (workshop booklet)

41:23 min – Please take 1 min to fill in our post-workshop survey: