How do households adapt to coastal hazards?

Learn more about household adaptation to coastal flooding with the help of our interactive online workshop. 

How to get the best workshop experience:

Watch our online video and work through the material at your own pace using our interactive online workshop booklet: 

All interactive tasks with links can also be found in the column on the right for your reference.

List of interactive tasks:

02:30 min – Please take 1min to complete our pre-workshop survey:

03:43 min – Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with our workshop booklet (WB):

04:12 min – Activity: Word search (WB)

05:57 min – Activity: Flood hazards (WB)

07:28 min – Activity: Exposure to coastal flooding (WB)

09:37 min – Activity: Vulnerability to coastal flooding (WB)

12:23 min – Activity: Watch video on residual flood risk:

12:32 min – Activity: Difference between risk and residual risk (WB)

15:15 min – Activity: Check your 24-hour flood risk:

16:12 min – Activity: Check your long-term flood risk:

16:48 min – Activity: Check your flood risk under climate change in 2050:

20:37 min – Activity: Self-assess your knowledge (WB)

22:02 min – Activity: What would you do with £1000? (WB)

32:30 min – Activity: Household adaptation (WB)

38:05 min – Activity: Protection motivation framework for volcanic eruptions (WB)

38:54 min – Please take 1 min to fill in our post-workshop survey: